Summer, Day 1!

It’s day one of Steppingstone’s 2018 summer session, and we’re SO excited to spend the next six weeks working with hundreds of Scholars from all throughout Boston. To give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the magic that happens over the summer, we asked teachers to share why they decided to spend the summer at Steppingstone. Here’s what they said (paired with some photos from past summers):

“As an educator, it gives me chills to hear Scholars say with one voice: I am going to college!”

Wardell Powell
Science Teacher

“Scholars’ dedication to education is so encouraging. Their willingness to attend an academic program when so many of their friends are on vacation is admirable.”

Patty McGaffigan
Science Teacher

“I have the distinct honor of introducing Scholars to the wonderful world of Latin. It is always amazing to see how quickly and eagerly they make connections between our world and the world of the Ancient Romans.”

Liz Torosian
Latin Teacher

“I decided to return to Steppingstone because my work last summer left me feeling inspired and energized.​ My favorite thing about working with Scholars was seeing how they were able to connect their personal experiences with the content in The Rock and the River. I learned so much about Scholars’ backgrounds, experiences, and goals through those discussions and writing assignments.”

Michael Lawler
English Teacher

“I’m returning to Steppingstone for my third summer for many reasons–but at the core is my adoration for the Steppingstone community. I’ve felt welcomed and appreciated since the day I started. My favorite thing about working with Steppingstone Scholars is their genuine excitement about all things learning.”

Kayleigh Wanzer
English/Perspectives Teacher

“For the past five summers I have loved every minute of getting to know a new group of Scholars. This year’s Scholars will arrive feeling a little bit nervous, just like their predecessors, but within the first week, they’ll be raising their hands, helping each other with assignments, and clamoring to participate in class. It’s definitely going to be another awesome Steppingstone Summer!”

Pat Finnie
English/Writing Teacher