Steppingstone’s First Alumni & Scholar Networking Night!

Every year during April vacation, Steppingstone hosts events for middle and high school Scholars so they have opportunities to stay engaged and active during their time away from school. This year, we were thrilled to invite Scholars to an Alumni & Scholar networking night–the first of its kind at Steppingstone.

The event was a unique opportunity for Alumni, Scholars, family members, and guests to gather together and discuss their career aspirations and journeys to where they are now. Scholars were able to talk to Alumni who are working professionals in a variety of industries–from criminal justice to engineering to education, and more. In particular, we worked to connect Scholars with Alumni who’ve built careers in the fields they hope to someday pursue. Throughout the event, Scholars got first hand details about the obstacles Alumni overcame and things that have challenged them and made it possible for them to be where they are now.

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To start off the event, the MC introduced a few icebreakers to get conversations flowing and allowed time for everyone to meet and get comfortable. Next, the MC encouraged groups to switch and talk to someone new. Before long, the room was roaring with conversations about professions and Alumni’s academic experiences.

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The event was also a chance for Alumni to connect back with Steppingstone in a different way through their conversations with Scholars. While exchanging stories about their academic experiences as well as things that helped them pursue their current careers, Alumni were also able to ask questions and see what things have changed and what has remained the same since their time as Scholars.

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An attendee described the event as a “great interaction between Scholars, family, and Alumni.” Overall this was a great first time event and many have asked when the next one will be. We love opportunities to connect Scholars and Alumni and look forward to our next crossover event!