Chapter 5: Seven days to go. Will you be there?

Marathon Save the Date

We’re 7 days away from the big day, and my mind has finally caught up to what my legs have known for the past couple of weeks – we are SO close to finishing.

While lately I have found myself and my body complaining a little more than usual, all I can attest to my sudden inclination to whine is that I am freaking out just a little bit.

Good nerves though.

After months of training my body and my mind into focusing solely on my daily run, this is no longer possible. I received the participant guide in the mail, started planning the logistics for the day of, and suddenly my chill runs became real. This is happening.

Now that I am tapering, and the distance of my runs has decreased immensely, I am forcing myself to trust that my body has not forgotten how far it has been capable of running during this journey.

All I can equate my current feelings to is the adrenaline that fills your body when you are contemplating closing the books before a big exam the next day. Are you ready? What if you’re not?



A couple of weeks ago I had a trial race day run, my longest yet at 21 miles. I reached Hopkinton that morning and stepped foot on the starting line. This is it, this is what it’s going to be like the morning of. A few questions began to pop up in my head as I stood there preparing myself to start moving my legs. Can I do this? What if that little pain in my right hip flares up? What do I do if I get lost? Am I freaking myself out right now? Just start running Diana.

After finding all the possible reasons that could potentially stop me from finishing, my mind stops, my legs start moving, and my body takes over. I reach Framingham.

Mile 5…

Just focus on your music. Shoot I’m sweating so much and need to take this annoying jacket off, but what I do with it? Ugh I should have left it.

Mile 8…

I think I need to take a gel shot. Uff I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this gooey texture.

Mile 9…

I wonder what I look like when I run?

Mile 13…

Half way! Alright feeling good, my play list is killing it right now. I had no idea we passed by Wellesley College.

Mile 13-17…

No recollection of that past miles except stopping for water. Mind has gone blank.

I get asked all the time if I get bored or what I think about when I run. Here’s the inside scoop to my deep thoughts and epiphanies. Just kidding. As you read you’ll see my mind goes from worrying, to random thoughts, to weird tangents and blank moments. I love this though.

From 30 minutes to over 3 hours my runs have become mine, a way to disconnect and focus on my body, my random observations, or simply nothing.

However I have noticed that during my long runs when I reach Heartbreak Hill, those shin splints randomly pop up, and my body thinks it is simply done, the same thought pops up, the only that keeps me moving.

Mile 18-19…

Alright I’m sort of hurting, but I know these hills. This is just like my usual morning runs, you’ve done this over and over again. Let’s go. Okay definitely struggling. It’s okay, it’ll be over soon. What’s two more miles? Man, this is hard, I am really feeling it on my ankles.

You are not alone. Let’s go.

Mile 20…

See not too bad, one more mile for today. Come on, 10 more minutes, you are not alone.

Mile 21…

You are not alone.

As my body starts slowing down towards the end, and my mind is pushing it to stop the only image that gets me to complete those final miles is thinking of everyone who has shown me support–specifically in these past months.

From hugs, smiles, emails, texts, calls, words, appearances, donations, you have all made me believe in myself and this dream. I’ll confess there were many times when it was hard to get up, push through the pain, keep running. But your support made it worth it.

Once again through Steppingstone, I have been given the opportunity to make new friends, connect with old ones, create memories, become a morning person, learn about my body, believe in myself in a whole new form, and understand the impact of bringing people together. I am grateful for this journey, your support, and as always, Steppingstone.


As I anxiously wait for April 16th, while I am looking forward to completing the course and interested to see where my mind takes me that day, I am most excited about getting to see everyone be part of this incredible culmination.

So please come out to 838 Beacon Street from 2 – 3:30 PM as I will need you during those last few miles.

If you are unable to make it, be sure to track me using the B.A.A. Marathon App, my bib number is 28741.

See you soon!