Scholar Voice: Let’s talk about role models

Role models are people that accomplish great things and have admirable qualities. Their sought-after traits differ from perspective, but generally they embody who someone aspires to be.

They don’t necessarily have to be well-known people, just those who stand out in someone else’s eyes.

One should always forge their own path in life, but it is good to learn from a positive example. Whether they’ve changed the course of history or simply made someone’s day through nice gestures, I find role models to be extremely important figures in my life.

I don’t have a specific role model, but I do admire those who started out disadvantaged and worked their way to success, despite hardships.

Many of them have done this by prioritizing education and using it to make an impact, no matter their profession. Those people resonate the most with me, as I come from a hard-working immigrant family.

I try to mimic those I admire by doing my best in and out of school, so that I have the tools to achieve my goals. I myself try to set a positive example for those around me by working hard, respecting everyone, and by being open-minded to new opinions or concepts.

Role models each possess certain sets of traits ranging from outspokenness to integrity. Although it is valuable to respect these figures, let’s not forget that we ourselves can be role models for others younger and older than us. We can do this by taking yellow-light risks, assuming leadership roles, pursuing our interests and talents, and much more.

Remember, you may not make history by being a role model. But, you may make someone’s day!

About the Author:

My name is Arba and I am one of the six peer leaders this year. I was part of Academy Six and I commenced in 2013. I was born in Northern Italy as the daughter of Albanian immigrants, and I moved to Boston when I was seven years old. I now live in West Roxbury as a sophomore at Boston Latin School. As a peer leader, I’m excited to meet people that have commenced before and after me on Saturdays, and see what it’s like to be “behind-the-scenes” at SMASH (Saturday Mentoring and Study Hall).