Counselor’s Corner

Hello Scholars and Families!

As you have noticed, the days are getting shorter, it is getting darker earlier, and the weather is starting to get chillier. Often we respond to these changes by bundling up, staying inside, moving around less, and eating more unhealthy foods. All of these factors combined can lead to feeling less motivated and energized, which makes it harder for us to be at our best and happiest. We’ve identified some factors to focus on to help combat these changes.

Spend a week monitoring these, and try to do a little bit better every day. If you pay attention to these areas, and make even small changes, we guarantee that you will see a difference.

If you want to talk more about this topic, you can always talk to your Advisor, and me – Steppingstone’s Counselor!

Take care, 🙂 Ms. Arcangeli

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