Remembering Mike Danziger, co-founder of Steppingstone

It is with deep sadness that we share that Michael Danziger, co-founder of The Steppingstone Foundation, passed away in his sleep on Friday night. All of us at Steppingstone are eternally grateful to Mike for the incredible organization he created that has touched so many lives.

In the words of John Simon, Mike’s partner in starting Steppingstone:

“…Remember all the many wonderful things about Mike – including, but not limited to, his sense of humor, his caring and concern for others, and his willingness to do often extraordinary things for others. Steppingstone is clearly one of those extraordinary things and he was so proud of it…”

At this time, we do not have information on services for Mike, but we will share that as soon as it becomes available.

Mike’s legacy can be seen in all of the past Scholars and in all the Scholars who will come in the future. We are grateful for his vision.

Kelly Glew & Brian Conway