Meet the Support Services Team!

KristinArcangeli_team-members-etcMs. ArcangeliHi Scholars and families! Hopefully you all remember me as the Counselor from both CSA and TSA. Great news 🙂 – I am also the Counselor for Support Services, and I am looking forward to continuing to support you all ​in your journey to college. I grew up and went to college and grad school here in Massachusetts, and currently live in Somerville. My favorite food is buffalo chicken or anything I grow in my garden. This year, I am most excited about there being so many CSA and TSA Scholars in Support Services and coming to SMASH every week to catch up. I also love doing The Walk for Hunger with Steppingstone every year.


Ms. DavisMy name is Ms. Davis and I am the new Support Services Advisor.  I am from Boston Massachusetts. My favorite foods are pizza, mangoes, and apples. I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with Scholars! 


JF_Photo-198x198Ms. Fonseca Hey there, Scholars! My name is Ms. Fonseca. I work in the Support Services department with an incredible team of Advisors! A bit about me: I am from the Golden Coast; I grew up in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. I went to college at Princeton University and moved to Boston after graduating. One of the main things I still miss about LA is the taco stands. My family is from Mexico so I LOVE Mexican food but I am also a huge fan of Chinese food. General Gao’s chicken, lo mein, shrimp fried rice, dumplings – you name it! This year, I am really excited about our Saturday Mentoring and Study Hall (SMASH) program because I am helping Ms. Wu plan some pretty amazing events. I hope to see you on Saturdays!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 1.28.13 PMMs. Herrera Hi! My name is Ms. Herrera and I am the new Volunteer/Site Coordinator! I have the pleasure of working with both current TSA and Support Services Scholars! I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. My father is from Guatemala and my mother is from Honduras. I am a 4th year student at UMass Boston, studying to become an art therapist. I am also a Steppingstone Scholar (Academy 7, Class of 2008)! A few of my siblings are also Steppingstone Alums. My favorite food is pasta- I love pasta! One thing that I am looking forward to is getting to know Scholars, families, and all the Steppingstone staff.

Haris-198x198Mr. KuljancicScholars!!! My name is Mr. Kuljancic, but you all can call me Mr. K. I am going into my second year as a Support Services Advisor. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I moved to Hartford, Connecticut, when I was five. During my time in Hartford, I attended Steppingstone, just like all of you! I love to eat pizza, sushi, burgers, tacos, and lamb, but my favorite food of all time has to be Indian food! This year I am looking forward to volunteering with Steppingstone at Christmas in the City, Community Servings, MLK Day of Service, Cradles to Crayons, and The Walk for Hunger!

team-members-etc_NigelMr. Robinson Hello Scholars! My name is Mr. Robinson and I am heading into my fourth year as a Support Services Advisor. During that time, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some incredible young men and women. I look forward to doing the same this year! Like many of you, I too am a Boston native. Additionally, I am an alum of the John D. O’Bryant in Roxbury. Therefore, I very much relate to the Steppingstone Scholar experience, and I have made it my personal goal to support you in whatever way I can. In my free time you can often find me playing basketball with friends, or enjoying a nice steak dinner with family. For this year, I look forward to going on college tours with as many Scholars as possible. Be sure to not be a stranger and I hope to see you soon at SMASH!

ElenaSicairos_team-members-etcMs. Sicairos Hello Scholars! My name is Ms. Sicairos and I am the Director of Support Services this year. I am from Boston and I love to eat Tacos! I look forward to attending more “Step out w/ Steppingstone” AKA “SOS events” this year! I wasn’t able to go to as many last year, so I hope to see you all at these events throughout the school year!! For example, last year we had handball tournaments, reunion lunches, movie nights, and more!

team-members-etc_Annie-WuMs. Wu – September 2017 marks the start of Ms. Wu’s third year as a Support Services Advisor! Born and raised in Boston, Ms. Wu graduated from Boston Latin Academy and Boston University. Ms. Wu’s mantra is to try every food at least once but her go-to meal is definitely pasta (any type!). She also loves ketchup! When french fries are the accompanying condiment to ketchup. She also can’t make it through a day without coffee and loves her fruits and vegetables! Ms. Wu is excited to start another academic year with Steppingstone Scholars and looks forward to deepening her relationship with those she advises!