Meet Steppingstone’s Peer Leaders!

Arba – Hello, Steppingstone Scholars! My name is Arba, and I am one of the six new peer leaders this year. I was part of Academy Six and I commenced in 2013. I was born in Northern Italy as the daughter of Albanian immigrants, and I moved to Boston when I was seven years old. I now live in West Roxbury as a sophomore at Boston Latin School. This summer, I went to Beverly and learned how to kayak and read a lot of scientific articles. As a peer leader, I’m excited to meet people that have commenced before and after me on Saturdays, and see what it’s like to be “behind-the-scenes” at SMASH.

Caroline – My name is Caroline and I’m from Boston, but I was originally born in Nepal. I am a sophomore at the Boston Latin School. Over the summer, I stayed in New England, but took occasional trips to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. I also went on a road trip to Portland, Maine, just a month ago. I fished a lot – although I am not particularly great at it – ate mouth watering lobster and fried shrimp, biked around with family friends, and relaxed on the beach. Back in Boston, I went to a rigorous but enjoyable math camp, a tennis camp, went running with the team for cross country season, and scavenged for more books to read at the library. This year as a peer leader, I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with Steppingstone and gaining team-building skills with the help of my fellow peer leaders.

Ifrah – Hi everyone! My name is Ifrah and I have been a part of Steppingstone since 2012 as an Academy 9 Scholar. I live in Boston and I currently attend Meridian Academy as an 11th grader. This past summer, I held a job as a junior mentor in a program called Science Club for Girls, a program designed to connect with people who identify as female in the K-12 grades with female-mentor scientists such as professors, in an interactive and supportive environment. Taking part in the program allowed me the opportunity to teach young children science, and being a part of the female leadership program taught me how to become a role model for younger students and research different careers in STEM. As a peer leader, what I am looking forward to the most is becoming a peer mentor for Steppingstone Scholars and assisting staff at SMASH. As the year progresses, I hope to learn or develop skills such as leadership and responsibility. I also hope to establish a tight relationship with the Steppingstone community.

Jefferson – Hey everyone, my name is Jefferson, and I am very excited to start a great year as one of your 2017-18 peer leaders. I’m originally from Haiti and now live in Hyde Park. I go to the John D. O’Bryant School in Roxbury. This summer I played a lot of soccer and tennis, two of my favorite sports. I also spent some quality time with my family and slept in a lot, and I mean a lot! As a peer leader one thing I am looking forward to is making strong bonds with all of you and learning how to further help you in your support services journey to find success in and out of school. Once again, can’t wait to meet you all!

Nahommy – Hello all! My name is Nahommy and I’m from Mattapan. I’m currently a sophomore at Boston Latin School. Over the summer, I worked with this program called The Food Project. This job helped me develop professional skills. It taught me how to work with others and how the food systems impact our communities both in a positive and negative way. It showed me what the value of food accessibility means to a lot of people in the world. This year I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I hope to gain leadership skills as well, as I will go on this journey of being a role model to current Steppingstone Scholars of Academy 7 and the support services Scholars.

Nasra – My name is Nasra. I was born in America but my ethnicity is Somali. Currently I attend the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science. This past summer I spent time with my cousins who were visiting from the United Kingdom. I had an amazing time. I’m glad it happened but right now I’m looking forward to being a peer leader. One thing I’m looking forward to about being a peer leader is getting to know the Steppingstone community from a different perspective. I hope to see you all at SMASH!