Congratulations #CSAClass3!

On Thursday, June 1, Boston’s South End was filled with excitement, joy, and pride as Scholars, families, and friends gathered for the College Success Academy’s (CSA’s) 2017 Commencement ceremony.

After years of hard work (including more than 1,000 hours of extra class time and constant dedication to their studies), Class 3 Scholars gathered to honor each other’s accomplishments, recognize their own achievements, and begin their transition into high school – the next stage of their journey with Steppingstone. We can’t wait to keep working with Class 3 through high school, college, and beyond!

The celebration was full of touching moments, including speeches by Class 3 Scholar Kaylah, Class 4 Scholar Katherine, and a keynote address from Scholar Jeremy Guevara ’06 (excerpts below). A student at Suffolk University, Jeremy has dedicated four summers to working with younger Scholars – including the students of CSA’s Class 3.

Here’s a small snapshot of the powerful messages they shared!

Jeremy Guevara
The Steppingstone Academy, Class of 2006

“Now here we are, Class 3: It is so great to see you grown up. It feels like yesterday I was watching you begin your CSA journeys as students with great potential. And now, you’re academics, aren’t you? You are the vanguard of knowledge and consciousness, a new wave in knowledge and possibilities. As you approach high school there is a whole world awaiting new ideas and new leadership.” – Jeremy Guevara ’06


Class 3

It has been a wonderful privilege to learn and grow as a person beside you all.

Remember when we applied to CSA? The first question they asked us was what we wanted to be. Some of us said, professional soccer players, singers, entrepreneurs, etc. And over the years we have changed our answers because we grew as individuals.

In CSA I broke out of my shell, a little, and I accepted my weird side. I made connections with people that I will never forget. Over the years I kept wanting to come back because of my friends, teachers, and advisors. They made me feel more comfortable and a part of the community. If I ever felt like my whole world was flipped upside down I could always talk to them.

All of our experiences were different, but got us to the same point. I hope that you continue your journey, and do even better. Congratulations Class 3!

Class 4

This moment is not just for Class 3, it is also for Class 4 because we are now taking their place as leaders in the CSA community.

We would like to thank Class 3 for being good leaders and helping us learn how to be leaders as well.

As the new leaders we have to take this commitment with full responsibility, but also be kind towards the younger Scholars and each other.

Christopher Parris
Senior Director of the College Success Academy

You have worked hard, supported each other and committed yourselves to the ultimate goal of going to college. We love you and are all so proud of each and every one of you. Now go out and change the world!