Scholar Voice: Setting Goals

Each year, a small group of 10th and 11th grade Scholars is selected to serve as Peer Leaders. Chosen for their leadership skills and dedication to Steppingstone, they’re responsible for tutoring and mentoring fellow Scholars. In addition, they share life lessons and goals in the quarterly Support Services Update.

Nathalie Diaz-Troncoso ’13, a sophomore at Boston Latin Academy (pictured speaking at Steppingstone’s November Gala), describes how she learned to improve her grades by setting goals. Nathalie is a Peer Leader and will serve as a Steppingstone Teaching Assistant this summer.

When you’re in high school, setting realistic goals is very important. It is a very stressful time when you have so much to juggle. That is why you need these goals to keep you aware and accountable. In my school, Term One recently came to an end and my grade in one class wasn’t as good as it could have been. That is why I started setting goals and asking what I could do to bring my grade up. On some days, it would be as simple as asking my teacher if there were any extra credit opportunities. On other days, I could attempt to make up for some of my grade by acing a quiz.

What I want the Scholars to take away is that setting realistic goals for yourself will give you newfound energy and allow you to complete these challenges you set up for yourself. A lot of students who are not Steppingstone Scholars don’t do this, so pat yourselves on the back. What I want to leave you all with is that you can aim high, but keep it realistic and it’ll pay off.

This piece originally appeared in the Winter 2017 Support Services Update.