Scholar Voice: Five Life Hacks For Surviving Steppingstone

Written by Ehinomeh, Grade 7

Hi, everyone! Are you ever in that position where you are feeling like, “Ahhhh! So much homework”? I know I am.

Here are Five Life Hacks to Get You Through Dreadful but ‘Fun’ Homework.

  1. Before you start working, make sure your work area is clean!
    Because homework and dirty workspace do not equal good grades.
  2. Look at your Steppingstone planner and decide which assignments are easier and which take more time.
    Do the easier ones first (trust me on this).
  3. Chew gum while you work!
    It helps you focus better.
  4. Plug in your earbuds and rock on!
    Okay, maybe not rock on. You could listen to some calming classical music (My personal favorite is the Piano Playlist on Spotify).
  5. Take breaks between every few assignments.
    For example, if the average amount of Steppingstone homework is two hours, then you can break for a total of thirty minutes.

I hope you enjoyed these life hacks!

This piece originally appeared in the March 2017 edition of The Update, a monthly publication written and edited by Steppingstone Scholars.