Science Extravaganza!

On Saturday, April 8, 35 Steppingstone Scholars in grades 5-8 had the chance to spend the day learning from real-life college role models. The Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists (SOLES) at Tufts University led a full day of science workshops where Scholars got to explore a variety of scientific topics!


The Science Extravaganza came to fruition after the College Success Academy’s fall visit to Tufts. The Extravaganza’s goal was to inspire students to pursue educational opportunities in STEM fields by letting them participate in hands-on experiments in a variety of fields.

Scholars had the chance to participate in four different workshops:

Egg Drop: Scholars creatively used materials like cotton balls, construction paper, and tape to protect an egg from a ten-foot drop.

Robotics: Scholars programmed motorized Lego creations to move across the room in a certain direction.


Water Filtration: Using materials like coffee filters, beans, and cotton balls, Scholars designed filters to remove impurities from dirty water.


Strawberry DNA Extraction: Scholars used a variety of solutions to extract DNA from strawberries and learned some of the technical applications of working with DNA.

Once the workshops had ended, Scholars had the chance to earn Tufts swag by showing off the knowledge they gained in a game of trivia. They also spent their lunch period getting to know Tufts students and learning about their experience in college.


The Science Extravaganza was especially exciting because it was a unique opportunity for middle school Scholars from The Steppingstone Academy, the College Success Academy, and Support Services to join together and learn from talented college students.

Special thanks to SOLES for making the Science Extravaganza such a wonderful experience!