My Search for Summer Opportunities

Carmen Esquivel ’12 is a sophomore at Newton Country Day School and a Steppingstone Peer Leader. This summer, she is traveling and pursuing leadership opportunities. She shared her thoughts on seeking meaningful summer experiences.

In the past, I definitely did not do as much as I possibly could have when going about finding summer opportunities. My summer hunt plan consisted of searching on Google—and that is about it. I had never taken summer opportunities seriously until this year. They are truly a great chance to learn more about your interests as well as a way to experience something new.

As a teenager who is very interested in pursuing a profession in the medical field, I knew very little about the summer programs offered for teens until this year. After a summer of doing absolutely nothing, I figured that I could spend my time doing something valuable and productive. Steppingstone has been a great source of assistance with finding summer opportunities. As I began looking into to the ScholarCONNECT* articles, I found so many opportunities, many of which I had no idea existed before. My Support Services Advisor was also an amazing source of assistance with finding something like a summer course or project. I have gotten nothing but support from Steppingstone and this summer I will be doing something that will benefit not only me, but my future as well.

*ScholarCONNECT, a biweekly electronic newsletter sent to all Support Services Scholars, includes information about summer programs, internships, scholarships, leadership opportunities, and more. It’s just one of many resources available to Scholars as they prepare for college.