Experiencing Campus Life

They’ve read and heard all about college, and on February 24, College Success Academy Scholars had the chance to witness campus life firsthand on their tour of Tufts University.


After enjoying lunch in Carmichael Dining Hall, the students visited the Campus Center, saw the track and athletic facilities, and learned about Tufts student traditions.

One highlight: learning moves from members of BlackOut, Tufts’ step team!

Many members of BlackOut come from the same neighborhoods as Steppingstone Scholars, and they shared their insights about their paths to Tufts.

Prior to the tour, Scholars had submitted their questions about college for students working at the Tufts Latino Center to answer. The students shared their experiences attending Tufts as students of color.


Finally, Scholars had the chance to participate in a Lego Robotics workshop at the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach. Scholars learned about what the center does and were encouraged to pursue STEM careers. They then worked in pairs to design their own moving Lego robots!

It was a special and exciting day for all Scholars involved. Many thanks to Tufts University’s Admissions Department, BlackOut Step Team, Latino Center, and Center for Engineering Education and Outreach for making this visit such a wonderful experience!