A New Look for Steppingstone


After 25 years, Steppingstone’s look is getting an update!

We’re excited to announce that as we enter Steppingstone’s 26th year, we’re debuting a new look – including an updated logo and color scheme.

“Steppingstone is entering a new era now that it’s past the quarter century mark,” says Mariel Novas, Steppingstone Board Member and Alumna from the class of 2000. “Scholars are growing up and taking over professional fields, and we’re seeing tremendous success for Scholars in high school, college, and beyond. At the same time, Steppingstone’s footprint in the city has never been greater with the advent of the College Success Academy, as well as outside of Boston given its leadership with the National Partnership for Educational Access. This rebrand signifies the future of Steppingstone – a new chapter in the history of an organization that has been catalytic and special in so many of our lives.”

Our name, mission, and vision remain unchanged, and we are more committed than ever to supporting as many Boston students as possible in achieving their dream of graduating from college.

Thank you for being part of that mission.