#SXSL: Steppingstone Visits the White House

This summer, College Success Academy Scholars had the chance to work with the PolyBot, a hydroponic plant-growing robot designed to give students the opportunity for hands-on science learning (get a glimpse here!).

On October 3, Steppingstone Senior Director of Teaching & Learning Jane Ventrone was invited to accompany the Poly team to the White House for South By South Lawn, a festival celebrating innovation and creativity. In addition to talking about Steppingstone Scholars’ use of the PolyBot, Jane had the chance to visit other groups’ booths and to hear President Obama chat with Leonardo DiCaprio and climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe. Get a peek into the day below!

It was a fun and festive day on the South Lawn!

Visitors to the Poly booth had the chance to see the Bot up close and to learn more about how it’s used in classrooms. (Pictured on the tablet below: Steppingstone Scholar Angel!)

Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame stopped by the booth to chat and learn more!


Ms. Ventrone made some new friends on the White House lawn.



She also had the chance to connect with representatives from Better Make Room and Signal Vine.



Thanks to the Poly team and to the SXSL organizers for a great day!