Summer Snapshot

It’s hard to believe summer session is almost over! We’ve been so impressed with Scholars’ hard work and enthusiasm. Here’s a glimpse into some of what we’ve been up to.

Mr. Carbone and Mr. Lindsay spoke about Steppingstone’s Four Pillars, which are integral to Steppingstone’s close-knit community. Ms. Ng. and Ms. DeLeon explained to commencing Scholars what will be different when they complete Steppingstone’s academic preparation component and enter Support Services.

Steppingstone is partnering with an educational venture called Poly to give Scholars exciting, hands-on learning experiences. The PolyBot is a hydroponic plant growing system that Summer I Scholars are using in their science classes.

There have been plenty of other opportunities for fun, interactive learning throughout the summer. In many of their classes, Scholars are encouraged to apply the principles they learn in class to hands-on activities.


Check out some more examples of hands-on learning at Steppingstone!

This is just a sample of some of the fun and interactive things Scholars have done over the past few weeks. Next week is the final week of summer session (can you believe it?) and will be filled with exciting activities, including an Electives Showcase and everyone’s favorite end-of-summer tradition: the Canobie Lake Park field trip!

As we prepare to wrap up another summer, we’re grateful for all the Scholars, staff, families, and supporters who make it all possible. Thank you!