Week One Award Winners

Each week during the summer, we take the time to acknowledge some of the people who help make Steppingstone great. Members of the community nominate Scholars and staff who embody each week’s theme. Here’s some of what they had to say about Week One’s winners, all of whom were selected for their commitment to teamwork.

College Success Academy

Teacher of the Week: Ms. Anne Matthews

“Ms. Matthews is a great ELA teacher. She is funny and helps us learn.”

“Ms. Matthews makes Latin fun!”

“Ms. Matthews helps me and doesn’t make me feel stupid. She helps me even when I didn’t know I needed help.”

TA/Intern of the Week: Aisha Qader (The Steppingstone Academy ’10, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth ’18)

“Ms Q. is a great teacher in aPlay.”

“Ms. Q. makes learning fun.”

“Ms. Q. helps me with my homework.”

Scholar Spotlight: R’Monii (Grade 7)

“R’Monii has shown excellent leadership so far this year. He has already made an impact in the classroom, and is a good model for his younger peers. R’Monii has grown so much this summer and I am happy to award him the Scholar Spotlight Award.”

Week 1 award winners at Community Time!
L-R: Ms. Matthews, Mr. Zou, Mr. Figueroa, Ms. Qader, Youssef, R’Monii

The Steppingstone Academy

Teacher of the Week: Mr. Andy Zou

“Mr. Zou knows how to make science fun while staying serious. He taught us about space, even though the class got off track.”

TA/Intern of the Week: Mr. Chris Figueroa (The Steppingstone Academy ’12, Boston Latin Academy ’18)

“Mr. Figueroa spends time with us at recess playing football. He makes sure everyone touches the ball and has fun.”

Scholar Spotlight: Youssef (Grade 6)

“Youssef demonstrated immense teamwork [during] Week One by spearheading the Red Bus roll call. He took his responsibility of sign holder with seriousness and enthusiasm.”

Check back on Tuesday to read about Week 2’s winners!