Walk The Walk: Teamwork!

Summer at Steppingstone is officially underway as we wrap up an exciting first week at Milton Academy! Whether they were attending their first-ever Latin classes, taking electives like “No-Bake Cooking” and “Upcycled Art,” participating in Field Day, or brushing up on their study skills, Scholars dove in with enthusiasm.

This summer’s theme is “Walk the Walk.” Each week, Scholars will explore a different subtheme and will focus on learning about an individual who embodies it. Week 1’s theme was Walk The Walk: Teamwork. Scholars learned about Malala Yousafzai and how she demonstrated that skill through her human rights work.

On Friday, Scholars and staff from The Steppingstone Academy and the College Success Academy came together for a special Community Time.

Todd Bland, Milton Academy’s Head of School, welcomed Scholars and staff to Milton’s campus, the home of all Steppingstone’s summer programming. Mr. Bland is a member of Steppingstone’s Board of Directors.


Each week, Scholars and staff have the chance to give “props” to others. This week, Scholars received props for things like volunteering to clean up after lunch and helping others with homework.

Mr. Mathieu, a Steppingstone Alum and summer teacher, spoke about how teamwork relates to many of the events in the news today.


Mr. Robinson, Ms. Geruson, and Mr. Gomez announced the Scholars, TA/interns, teachers, and section of the week. It’s always hard to choose, since so many talented and motivated Scholars and staff members are nominated each week!


Finally, summer TAs performed a skit about how to behave during class. These skits, which TAs write and perform themselves, are always an entertaining way to remind everyone how to be the best Scholars they can be.

If the first week was any indication, this summer is sure to be another success! Welcome back to Milton, Scholars!