Scholar Voices: Summer Wisdom

This July and August, instead of lounging at the beach, Steppingstone Scholars will be working through engineering challenges, discussing the Bill of Rights, and improving their study skills.  For many incoming Scholars, spending the summer in “school” is a daunting prospect, and they’re not sure what to expect. That’s why each year we invite returning Scholars to share their advice and wisdom with students who are just joining the Steppingstone community. Here’s some of what they had to say.


“It is so fun to be here during the summer and at the same time you’re learning. Many good and bad things will come your way and that’s why we are here for you! Everyone at Steppingstone will learn to embrace their mistakes and get better every time!” -Trinity, grade 7

“The hardest part about being here are the times you have to give up. You may want to play with your friends and just fool around but remember that Steppingstone can do more for you than just hanging out with your friends.” -Osasu, grade 7


“Just try your best on EVERYTHING – homework, friends, activities, you name it! The best advice I could give you would be to never, ever, ever give up.” -Emma, grade 6

“Congratulations on getting into Steppingstone! This is your first step into having a successful life. I admit at first I was afraid to go to Steppingstone. I thought I wasn’t going to fit in, but clearly I was wrong. Steppingstone is such a close community it feels like another home. You are going to do great. It may be challenging, but just remember, you are going to college!” -Jose, grade 7

“Have as much fun as you can. Make new friends. And learn as much as you can. Because when you’re in your normal class [at school], they’re going to learn something you already know thanks to Steppingstone! :-D” -Nyah, grade 7


“Being a Summer 1 will be challenging sometimes…but you were accepted because we all think you can succeed, and we want to help you! Especially, we want you to go to college!” -Francheska, grade 7

“Remember to try your best and believe in yourself. The idea of college was what inspired me to keep going.” -Rosaylin, grade 7

summer2“Here at Steppingstone you will meet lots of friends that have very common characteristics to you. You will also learn lots of new things. The teachers here try really hard to help you learn and get ready to take the ISEE test.” -Danny, grade 7

“In the beginning of this wonderful experience, you will feel out of place, and the program will be difficult, especially the homework. Eventually, you will have many friends and will be ahead of your class in the academic year. Time passes quickly when you’re having fun, so have as much fun as you can (and learn too).” -A7 Scholar

“One of the things I really enjoyed in my first summer were the electives. I chose Jazz/Hip-Hop Dance. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy your electives here, but make sure to do your other learning subjects too!” -Nevaeh, grade 6

“Don’t be nervous for your first summer because Steppingstone will make you feel welcome and the people there will support you all the way!” -Deanna, grade 7


“Be kind and open-minded. There are many opportunities ahead.” -Anonymous Scholar

“Steppingstone can be fun at times, but it can also be difficult. A piece of advice I wish had been given to me was to have fun and to not take things too seriously. I’m not saying to slack off, it’s more of simply accepting when you mess up, and taking that experience to better yourself.” -Rosaylin, grade 7

“There is a fun event called retreat [during the school year]. It is so much fun. You will sleep over at a school and have fun events with your friends. But the boys and girls are separated. At the end of the summer, we go to Canobie Lake.” -Jeffrey, grade 7

“Dear Summer 1 Scholar,
Congratulations! You are officially a Steppingstone Scholar. Steppingstone provides amazing experiences that you are lucky to be a part of. You have nothing to be nervous about. You will make lots of new friends and Steppingstone will support you through your journey.

Emily, grade 7”