Graduation Highlights

Every spring, Steppingstone staff members look forward to attending graduation ceremonies for Scholars who are concluding their high school careers and getting ready for college. We’re so proud of all the Scholars who graduated this spring! 

Some of the honors Scholars received upon graduating:

Hendricks Delva (Belmont Hill School) received the Milton L. Dodge Prize. The Dodge Prize is awarded by vote of the faculty to a member of the graduating class who has merited recognition for his determination and perseverance in meeting the academic challenge of this school, whose efforts have never flagged, and who by his common sense has made a valuable contribution to Belmont Hill. He also received a Diversity Leadership Award at Prize Day. He will attend Tufts University.

Frank McField (Belmont Hill School) received a Diversity Leadership Award and an Edward M. Burt Community Service Award at Prize Day. He will attend Wesleyan University.

Simon Acevedo (Brimmer and May School), the senior class president, gave the opening remarks and presented the class gift to the school. He spoke about the role his family played in his life and about how their background as immigrants influenced his time at Brimmer and May. He also received the Blazer Award, which is given to a student who has left their mark on the school. He will attend Suffolk University.

Simon Acevedo with Nigel Robinson, his Steppingstone Advisor

Paul Lafferty (Brimmer and May School) received the Alumni Association Award, which is presented each year to a senior who has been actively supportive of the alumni and possesses the qualities that the Brimmer and May Alumni Association upholds. He will attend Dickinson College.

Paul Lafferty with his family

Gillary Garcia (Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School) received one of six Faculty Prizes, which are awarded to members of the senior class who have been outstanding citizens, contributing significantly to the general well-being or spirit of the school. She will attend Holy Cross.

Gillary Garcia

Shannon Sheehy (Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers) graduated with honors. She will attend Salem State University.

Stephanie Castillo (Margarita Muniz Academy) received the Seal of Biliteracy, which is an award given by a school or school district in recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. She will attend the University of Massachusetts.

Stoni Drane (Newton Country Day School) received the class prize in dance. She will attend the University of Miami.

Camilla Ora (Newton Country Day School) received the class prize in programming and graduated with honors. She earned Senior Project Honors for her work at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT and also received a Sacred Heart Goal II Award for her commitment “to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values.” She will attend the California Institute of Technology.

ncds graduation
Four Scholars graduated from Newton Country Day School. From left-right:
Camilla Ora will attend the California Institute of Technology, Stoni Drane will attend the University of Miami, Lindsey Smith will attend Muhlenberg College, and Monet Eugene will attend Providence College.

Nathan Akukwe (St. Sebastian’s School) received the Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Award, which is presented each year to students for exemplary initiative, creativity, and perseverance in advancing the mission of the School. He will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Middle school Steppingstone Scholars are also preparing for the next chapters in their academic careers:

MIDDLESCHOOL-danaNina Atiegha (left) was honored with the Director’s Bowl at Dana Hall School’s Moving Up Ceremony. Below are the kind words the faculty shared with the community:

The recipient of this year’s award has been a dedicated student and an outstanding community member. She has also been an enthusiastic and committed participant in ALL aspects of Middle School life. There is a string of adjectives that teachers have used to describe this student: “friendly,” “super kind and thoughtful,” “nonjudgmental,” “open-minded,” “coachable,” ” beautifully humble,” “observant,” “perceptive,” and “generous.” Several teachers talked about her determination – she was often the first one in class or on the field. One teacher said, “She can be quiet and thoughtful or speaking-up and thoughtful, but she is always thinking.” Another teacher described her as “serious but not afraid to be silly.”

Several people mentioned her smile that lights up any room and her endless friendliness. She is a hard-working student in the classroom, but that is not the only place. She has always been willing to try new things – whether in the classroom, on the stage or the playing fields. Her computer teacher said, “I’ve rarely seen a student so eager ond excited to take on a new challenge. She eats up any new technology tidbit, literally clapping her hands together in excitement like a small child.” Her theatre teacher said, “She is a charismatic performer – but perhaps more importantly, she understands that being a performer takes work and commitment. I have never seen her complain once about memorizing lines or long rehearsals. It’s as though she understands – as true artists do- that the work is its own reward.” Another teacher noted, “She is so memorable on stage – I mean, I laugh every time I think of her as the Cat in the Hat playing that tiny piano!”

The Middle School faculty unanimously agrees and is proud to honor Nina Atiegha as this year’s recipient of the Director’s Bowl. I have a bowl for Nina to keep and her name will be engraved on the one that is kept in the Middle School.

Shrinkala Sunuwar and Adesotu “Arty” Woghiren graduated from eighth grade at Shady Hill School. Shrinkala will attend Boston Latin School, while Arty will join the Natick Public School system through the METCO program.

Graduation Photos