Scholar Voices: A Chat With Nawal and Rachel

Steppingstone’s annual Welcome Event is a great chance for admitted Scholars to meet their classmates, get a glimpse at what their future as Scholars holds, and get insider advice from Scholars who have been there before. This year, fifth grade College Success Academy Scholars Nawal and Rachel shared with the newest Scholars their insights about life at Steppingstone. Read their conversation below!

Nawal Noor (Jackson/Mann K-8 School) and Rachel Feliz
(Donald McKay K-8 School)

Nawal: Hi Rachel! It’s been SO long since I last saw you at Milton Academy last summer! How have you been?

Rachel: It’s so good to see you again, Nawal! I’ve really missed the rest of the Steppingstone Scholars this past year. I’m really excited to be back with everyone at Milton Academy in a few weeks.

Nawal: Me too! What have you guys been up to at the McKay this year?

Rachel: We’ve been up to a lot this year! We actually just finished our egg drop for our Engineering class. In Advisory, we played the Walk the Walk game to get to college. We also went on a field trip to Boston College and watched a women’s hockey game! What have you guys been up to in Allston-Brighton this year?

Nawal: Well, I loved going on the 5th grade retreat to the MetroRock Gym. We also had a lot of special field trips just for Scholars at the Jackson-Mann. In Advisory, we did a really fun “donut challenge” with Ms. O’Riordan. In Science, we did a lot of hands-on activities, like the egg drop challenge. I am really looking forward to my second summer at Steppingstone. Rachel, how did you enjoy your first summer at Steppingstone?

Rachel: On the first day of Steppingstone, I was extremely nervous and didn’t think the summer was going so well. Then, I met some friends and soon Steppingstone became even more exciting with all of the field trips! My favorite part of CSA is meeting new staff members and going to Canobie Lake. What about you Nawal? What were your favorite parts about your first summer at Steppingstone?

Nawal: The first day of Steppingstone was really nerve-racking for me. I was one of the youngest Scholars there. I remember meeting a few Scholars from my school, the Jackson-Mann, which made me feel better. My favorite part about last summer was that we got to eat and play outside almost every day. In our Math class, Steppingstone helped me learn all about decimal numbers. When I got to 5th grade this year, my Math class was so much easier!

Oh man, LOOK at all these new Scholars who will be joining us at Steppingstone this summer! I’m so excited to get to know everyone. Rachel, what piece of advice do you have for Scholars about their first day at Steppingstone?

Rachel: My piece of advice to the new Scholars is not to be shy, and to not give up even if it gets hard sometimes. Nawal, what piece of advice do you have for the new Steppingstone Scholars?

Nawal: I would just tell them to learn as much as they can this summer, because it will really help you in school next year, the way it helped me. Also, have fun because it’s summer! Congratulations on your admission to Steppingstone, Scholars!

Rachel: We’re really excited to spend this summer with you!

Welcome to the newest class of Steppingstone Scholars!