Civics Day 2016

We’ve always encouraged Steppingstone Scholars to engage themselves in their communities and harness the power of their own voices. This semester, eighth grade College Success Academy Scholars took Generation Citizen, a class which taught them how to take effective political action. Seven of these Scholars were invited to participate in Civics Day, where they presented their class’s project to more than 100 political and civic leaders who acted as judges. The students researched and discussed the timely and important subject of mitigating police brutality, specifically by educating young people about their legal rights through the use of different social media platforms.

“It was clear that Scholars were empowered from the class as they presented to judges at Civics Day with conviction and confidence.” -Katarina Ng, CSA Program Associate

Special thanks to Mai Mazan, the students’ democracy coach, and Meg Meropol, their Generation Citizen teacher!