CSA Scholars of the Month: Mohammed and Destiny

Each month, we recognize Scholars whose actions exemplify that month’s Steppingstone theme. Congratulations to Mohammed Elamin (Grade 5, Gardner Pilot Academy) and Destiny Ruiz Sanchez (Grade 5, Donald McKay K-8 School) for winning April’s “Be More You” award!

What does “Be More You” mean to you?

Mohammed Elamin: I think “Be More You”means to be yourself and to not let people control you. Like if someone says, “Let’s go do cool stuff,” and you don’t want to do it, then just don’t do it.

Destiny Ruiz Sanchez: Be More You means that you don’t care about what other people say and you continue being yourself even though others tell you not to.

Why do you think you won the “Be More You” Scholar Spotlight?

ME: I think I won because I don’t let people control me. I just want to be myself and do fun stuff. I’m always happy and I like to help people. And I like to be really funny!

DRS: Because I am always being myself even when others upset me.

How does CSA help you be yourself?

ME: My CSA friends, the tutors, and my Advisor help me be myself. My friends help me by playing with me and inspiring me. The tutors help me get better with all of my homework. And my Advisor helps me to be a better version of myself.

DRS: CSA helps me be myself because there are a bunch of teachers and interns who support me a lot even when I get an answer wrong. They help me be confident.

What advice would you give to new Scholars about being themselves?

ME: I would say to do what you want to do. Like, if someone at recess doesn’t want you to play with them, just be nice and play with them anyways.

DRS: It doesn’t matter what other people tell about if you’re strange or weird or anything, just keep doing those things!

What are you looking forward to in your second summer at CSA?

ME: I’m looking forward to being an inspiration to [younger Scholars]. I want to inspire them by showing them how to have fun at CSA, and by encouraging them to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

DRS: I am looking forward to having new friendships with other Scholars in the younger grades because I know a lot of 4th graders who are probably going to go to CSA.

This interview originally appeared in the April edition of the College Success Academy Newsletter.