Scholar Voice: Dorlie Registre

Each month, Steppingstone Scholars have a new “theme” that inspires them to be the best Scholars they can be. This school year, every month’s theme began with the phrase “Be More.” Here, College Success Academy Scholar Dorlie Registre, a fifth-grader at the Gardner Pilot Academy, writes about what being more reflective means to her.

This month’s theme is “Be More Reflective.” To me, being more reflective means thinking of what you’ve done in any situation and thinking of what you want to work on. For example you might reflect on a time when you were bad at something or when you made a mistake.

From my experience, one time when I was more reflective was actually a couple of years ago when I was 3 or 4 years old. One day at my old school – Patrick Kennedy – I was in my classroom and I saw our class’ box of toys. And boy, did I LOVE toys when I was a little girl. I was thinking in my head, “I hope my teacher won’t mind me playing with the toys for just a little bit.” Then, I did the most surprising thing no one ever thought that I – Dorlie Registre – would do.

I put my small little chubby hands in the box with my backpack without my teacher looking and I started to put a bunch of toys in my backpack. It would be the death of me if I got caught by my teacher on my “secret mission” to get the toys.

Yes, I know, it’s called stealing. No one saw me and I was being VERY sneaky. I also stole two soccer balls. When my teacher asked where I’d gotten them, I responded, “A woman gave them to me.” My teacher believed me!

At home I lied to my parents, but my Dad found out the truth eventually. Boy was my dad upset; I got into a LOT of trouble.

After that, I thought about why I had lied to my teacher and my parents. I knew it wasn’t right. But now that I’ve thought about it for a long time, I know not to do that again. And I didn’t.

The moral of this story is to never steal and lie to anyone. Always think before you act. I hope you like this newsletter. Also, don’t be like me when I was younger.

Remember people: in life, be more reflective. Thanks for reading!

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 College Success Academy Newsletter.