CSA Scholars of the Month: Kayson and Melvin

Each month, we recognize Scholars whose actions exemplify that month’s theme. Congratulations to College Success Academy (CSA) Scholars Kayson Cardoso, a sixth-grader at Gardner Pilot Academy, and Melvin Hernandez, a fifth-grader at the Donald McKay K-8 School, for winning March’s “Be More Reflective” award!

Why do you think you were nominated to win the “Be More Reflective” Scholar Spotlight?

Kayson Cardoso: I think it was because I try hard and I don’t give up.

Melvin Hernandez: I think I was nominated because I try to help others with their problems and I also thought about my grades from first term which weren’t that good so I went back to them and thought about what I could do to improve them.

When is it easiest to be reflective? When is it most challenging?

KC: It’s easy to be reflective when I’m not fighting with a friend. It’s hard when I’m already in an argument.

MH: It’s most challenging to be reflective when you’ve had a lot of challenges in the past and you are trying to fix them all. It’s easiest to be reflective when you haven’t done anything to hurt anyone or haven’t had as many struggles in the past.

What does reflection mean to you?

KC: Reflection to me means to think before you act.

MH: Reflection means that when you look back into your past, you look at what you’ve done and the mistakes you’ve made. You look to see what you can improve and who you’ve hurt.

How can you demonstrate to others that you are reflective?

KC: I can support others by telling them to believe in themselves.

MH: When I think of being reflective, I think of it as if I’m on the field. If I’ve hurt someone, I go and apologize to them.

Can CSA support you in being more reflective? How?

KC: CSA can support me by reminding me that even if I get nervous because people are watching me, I am my own person and no one else affects me.

MH: Yes, you can talk to your Advisor and tell them about any problems you’ve had in class or in CSA and they can tell you what you can do to help yourself.

Can you support others in being more reflective? How?

MH: Yes, let’s say someone is having a hard time apologizing to someone else, you can be there and stand with them to help them apologize.