Spotlight On: Joshua Rodriguez

“There are so many things to learn before I go to college,” says McKay School fifth-grader and Steppingstone Scholar Joshua Rodriguez.

A cheerful and motivated student, Joshua embraces learning in all forms. In addition to improving his math and English Language Arts skills at Steppingstone’s College Success Academy, he says he has learned mindfulness, which helps him to calm down after recess and focus on his work. He eagerly embraces his creative side, too, and cites making African masks in his CSA art elective as one of his favorite projects.


Joshua describes CSA as “awesome, kind, and helpful,” saying his Advisor, Ms. Lopez, lets students write questions to her in a notebook so she can answer them. He can’t wait to keep working with his CSA teachers and continue meeting Scholars from other schools.

“The College Success Academy is a really good program. It helps me learn new things so I’m prepared for my classes at school. The teachers are kind and helpful, and I’ve been able to make lots of new friends from around Boston. CSA is awesome.”