Steppingstone’s Newest Partner

Nashoba Brooks School is the newest addition to the Steppingstone community of partner schools, each of which shares a commitment to helping Scholars thrive and maintaining high rates of graduation and college enrollment.

Dedicated to continuous learning and the pursuit of personal excellence, Nashoba Brooks is a natural partner for Steppingstone. “Steppingstone and Nashoba Brooks share a commitment to similar goals and standards,” says Sarah Conrad, Steppingstone’s Chief Program Officer.

In fact, Nashoba Brooks Head of School Danielle Heard is a former Steppingstone program director and was influential in developing The Steppingstone Academy model, which creates opportunities for Scholars that keep them on the path to college.

Already proving to be a strong partner in creating such opportunities, during this year’s recruitment season Nashoba Brooks provided transportation for Steppingstone Scholars and families to visit the school and learn more, proactively addressed families’ transportation and middle school concerns, and offered acceptances with robust
financial aid packages.

In September, Danyelle Veillard ’15 and Darline Desforge ’15 will be the first Scholars to enroll at Nashoba Brooks and benefit from our new partnership.